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October 2017

The Best Thing You Can Do Is Change!

The month of October holds a special place in my heart. This is the anniversary month of my cousin’s death. It has been two years now and around this time I always do reflections. The day he died was the day I gave my life back to God and started this journey of becoming a New Creature. I use October 22,2015 as a gauge to evaluate how much progress I have made. I realize that I am a completely different person from two years ago. Then God gave me the revelation that the best thing we can do is change. Initially I changed to honor my cousin, but what about changing to honor God? What about changing to honor Jesus? Jesus paid the ultimate price for us and the best thing we can do is change. One definition of change is to make radically different. When is the last time you changed?

Change Our Hearts

Whenever we are intentionally changing our life to honor Jesus, our hearts should be our first focus. Just as we update our phones, we need to update our hearts to the best version. The more we update our hearts, the more capacity we will have to love others. It is easy to have love for our family and inner circle, but God is calling us to love everyone. It’s funny when people say God knows my heart, as if it gives them permission to do wrong. Yes, God does know your heart and he knows it needs work. Regular heart checks are a must. We should strive to have a heart like God and love like God. As you grow in your relationship with God, your love for others will grow. The heart can be stubborn, however you will gradually see a change in the way you care for others. The best thing we can do is change our hearts.

Change Our Minds 

In our minds we can be extremely creative and rationalize anything. There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death (Proverbs 14:12). When is the last time you thought about your thoughts? Our thoughts can change as often as the weather. One day we passionately agree about something and then the next day we are completely against it. We should strive to think like God. Unlike us, God’s way of thinking is consistent and reliable. His word will never change. The bible even says that if we ask for wisdom God will give it to us (James 1:5). God wants to share his wisdom, knowledge, and understanding with us. There is nothing more powerful than a changed mind, so be willing to let God renew your mind today. The best thing we can do is change our minds.

Change Our Priorities

As our hearts and minds change, then naturally our priorities will too. For example, when a person gets married they make their spouse a priority because they love them. In the same way, when we really love God we make him a priority too. One definition of priority is superiority in rank. That means God and his will for us out ranks everything else in our life. We should strive to have the same priorities as Jesus. We can see that Jesus was all about his fathers business while he was on this earth. One priority we know we should have as followers of Christ is spreading the gospel and making disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:16-20). I would say in todays time it is hard to make God a priority, but in reality it was hard for the people back then to make him a priority too. Changing priorities requires intentionally lowering the rank of other things and even removing somethings all together. The best thing we can do is change our priorities.

Wrap Up:

Just as the seasons change gradually, your change will be gradual too. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not changing fast enough. Some days you may have relapses where you fall back into your old nature. When that happens repent and keep moving forward. Pat you own self on the back as you see positive changes in your life. Every improvement is worth celebrating.  Change is beautiful. Change is necessary and it is the best thing we can do to honor God, Jesus, and the person we are meant to be. Let’s change today!


Lord I want to change. God help me to change my heart, mind, and priorities to match yours. God I want you to change any parts of my life that needs changing. Bless me with strength and discipline as you work in me. In Jesus name Amen.



10 Dos to Being Single and Content!

One weekend while I was having a peaceful night in, I came across the movie How to Be Single. As a single woman, I was interested and wanted to see what the movie had to say. I watched the whole movie and saw the main character make many mistakes. As time went by I wondered if this woman would ever discover how to be single and content. Finally, during the last five minutes of the movie it seems the main character found self fulfillment and mastered the right way to be single. At first I was annoyed that it took so long for the woman to come to her senses, but then I realized in reality it can take some women years or even a lifetime to learn how to be single.

I have been single for a while, but I didn’t become happily single until last year 2016. At the beginning of 2016 I felt like God was calling me to be single and content about it. Before I had a tendency to entertain people I did not see a future with just so I could have a temporary companion. This time in 2016 God was calling me to do something I had never heard of which is being single and loving it! So for a year I was single and enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn’t believe how much freedom and peace I was missing out on. Today I am still single and I am learning more about myself, God, and my future husband everyday. In this blog post I will share with you my dos to being single and loving it!


  1. Enjoy Your Own Company

Learning to enjoy your own company is so important. When you can have fun all by yourself, you are more critical about who can come in your space. Being single and content means there is a certain peace in your life that you aren’t willing to give up for just anybody. During your single season do the things that you enjoy. When we are always in a relationship, we slowly lose our self and exchange our passions for whatever the other person enjoys doing.  Have fun on your nights in and your days out! I go out with my family and friends sometimes, but I am also not afraid or ashamed to do things by myself like going to a restaurant or the movies. In high school I would pay my brother to go to the movies with me because I didn’t want to go alone. Most of the time my brother wasn’t interested in the movie so he would have a bad attitude plus I was losing money.  Through those experiences I learned that I would rather be alone and enjoying my own company than with someone who has bad energy and doesn’t really want to be with me. Being single is a blessing so enjoy your own company in this season.

2. Be Adventurous

Use this single season to try new things and go to new places. Explore your city and if you can explore the world! Take national and international trips. Last year was my first time on a plane and I was thinking I can get used to this. Now I can’t wait to travel to different places. Going to conferences, conventions, and concerts also give me a reason to travel. You never know if you might meet your future spouse while your traveling or trying something new.

3. Study Relationships

If you desire to be married then it is not a bad idea to read, observe, listen, and learn from people who are married. This is something that I have been doing in the last year that has really changed my perspective on marriage in a positive way. Lessons can be learned from good marriages and bad marriages. I even like to listen to people who have been divorced and are sharing where they went wrong. This is a good time to study your past relationships too. What type of person have you been attracting? How did your past relationships end? What red flags did you ignore before? Did you settle and if so why? Self reflection promotes growth. Learn from your relationships and others so that you won’t have to make the same mistakes.

4. Get Closer to God

I could not be single and content without God. It is the fruit of Holy Spirit that gives us love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and self control (Galatians 5:22-23). The more I sought God, the more content I became. As I said before I spent years being single and unhappy, but what changed in the past year is me getting closer to God. If you don’t have God then you will always be looking for some person to be your everything. When you get closer to God he will show you new revelations about him, yourself, and your future.

5. Make a list/ Prayer for Your Future Spouse

As you deepen your relationship with God and his desires become your desires, then you can make a list with the traits you want your future spouse to possess. This month last year God was tugging on my heart to write the traits I want in a husband. I procrastinated at first, but when I finally did it I was amazed at what I wrote. Through this list God was showing me what he has in store for me. I wrote two pages in my journal and only listed 3 physical traits, the rest is strictly character. Even the physical traits I listed are not very specific. A lot of the characteristics that I want in a husband come from the Bible. For example, I want my husband to love, respect, and honor God above everything else. It’s important to do this while you are single because if you are dating someone then subconsciously you are going to describe him in your list. So God had me to write this list/prayer when I was completely single and not dating anyone or crushing on anyone. Knowing the character of my future husband also helps me discern the men who are not right for me.

6. Work on Your Purpose

While single work on your God-Given purpose. Invest in yourself. Investing in yourself will cost you money and time but it is worth it. Working on your purpose keeps you from being idle during this season. If you want to go back to school, change careers, or even establish a new business then now is a good time to start. I used to fantasize too much about my husband saving me and putting an end to all my troubles. When I realized that I can start living my dream life now while single then I started working on my purpose. You don’t want to look back at this single season years down the line and regret not accomplishing more.

7. Help Others

During this single season help those around you. When you are single you can focus on building up God’s kingdom, however once you’re married you will have to consider your spouse before you do certain things (1 Corinthians 7:32-33). Take this time to really make a impact in your community. In this world you don’t have to search hard to find someone in need. Volunteer for a charity or even serve more in your local church. At work extend a helping hand by working overtime sometimes. Create fun and unique ways to help and encourage others. Go above and beyond to serve others as God prompts you to.

8. Get Deliverance

In this season seek deliverance from any strongholds that you have. You don’t want to be battling major strongholds in a marriage. For example, being delivered from anger, rage, depression, lust, pride, and jealousy. In my single season I have been delivered from many things gradually and I am so glad that I got those weights are off my shoulders now before I have a spouse. Being delivered also involves having your mind and heart renewed. Be mindful of strongholds that are dormant in your life. When something is dormant it is at a state of rest or inactivity. Those can be tricky because you aren’t aware that you have a problem until something major triggers it. For example, last year I discovered that I still had rage in me. I broke something in anger and I was so surprised because I thought I was past that. In reality that anger and rage was lying dormant in me all along, until I got delivered from it for real. You will know that you a truly delivered when the opportunity comes again, and you decide to respond differently. We have to get to the root of our problems through prayer, faith, and intentionally strengthening areas where we are weak.

9. Release Soul Ties

While you are single release any soul ties you have from exes or even crushes in your mind and heart. I am sure many of us know people or have seen people who got married while still holding onto their ex in their heart. This can result in infidelity and a broken marriage. For years I was silently holding on to the hope that me and one of my exes would get back together. That was hindering me from accepting the man God actually has for me. Purge your phone and social media from any exes. Out of sight out of mind. Also get rid of any gifts or photos from your exes. Speak the names of the people you believe you are soul tied to and ask God to free you and make things right. Also cast down any one sided soul ties someone may have towards you. You don’t want any exes obsessing over you while your trying to move on. Releasing soul ties has brought me much peace in this season.

10. Practice Discipline

Learn to be more disciplined in all areas of your life. Be disciplined with your health, wellness, and finances. I like to push myself to eat healthier, workout regularly, and save money where I can. Put yourself on a budget and stick to it. Become more disciplined on your spiritual walk. Practice discipline in your single season so when you are married you already have self control. I know that I need more discipline in my life and I’ve found that once I can make something a habit then it is easier for me to maintain. It typically takes 21 days for a habit to form. So let’s start making good habits today!


God help me to be single the right way. Help me to be content and productive in this season. Show me where you want me to serve. In Jesus name deliver me from any strongholds and soul ties. God remove any anxiousness that is in me. Help me to enjoy my single season and wear it well. God reveal to me certain characteristics that my future spouse will have and give me the strength to be disciplined. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

Feeling Unfulfilled ?

Feeling Unfulfilled

The Message

Let’s talk about feeling unfulfilled. I’m sure many of us have experienced this or are going through it right now. Two years ago I felt unfulfilled. I had been out of college for over a year and was working at a entry level position in my field. When I first got that job I was so happy, but as time went by I started to get anxious. My dream was to work my way up the corporate ladder. In my mind I had goals for myself like how much money I should be making in a few years and how many promotions I should have. Needless to say, my plans did not work out.

During this time in my life I was also single. Back then I hated being single and like many women I thought something was wrong with me. So that caused me to put added pressure on myself. Then my breaking point came when my cousin was murdered on October 22, 2015. I’ll never forget that day or the immediate days that followed. The night before my cousin was shot I was mad at God because I didn’t get the internship that I wanted. I was in graduate school and I thought that internship would be perfect for me to advance my career. I did an online interview and wrote an essay. I prayed to God everyday for that internship and when I found out that I didn’t get it I was furious. That was the first and only time that I have ever been mad at God. So on the night that I was mad about the internship I did not pray to God. Normally I cover my family in my prayers every night, but that night I was too mad to pray. When I woke up I found out that my cousin was murdered that night and I blamed myself a little. I thought this can’t be a coincidence. So I went from being mad at God one night to running back to him the next.

Once I ran back to God, I realized how unfulfilled I really was. I remember it like it was yesterday. That night with no internship, a slain cousin, a job I hated, and no relationship; I humbly talked to God. I sat on the floor by my bed and repented to God for everything. I said to myself “I think I’ve had this all wrong“. I had a crazy feeling that once I made it to the top of my career that I still wouldn’t be happy. Once I got a boyfriend I still wouldn’t be happy. Not truly happy anyway. I realized the way I was going about life and my relationship with God was all wrong. I was not fulfilled in my life and I knew the only one who could help me was God. I thought to myself God has all the answers and I’m going to seek his presence because I am not happy with the way my life is going with my own choices. That night I prayed a powerful prayer that would forever change my life. In the midst of that prayer I gave up my life and gave up my plans so that I could gain the life God created for me.

Wrap Up: So after that prayer God gradually began to reveal my purpose to me. This is one of them. Sharing my testimony, uplifting people, and spreading wisdom gives me great joy. There is much more to my purpose that I can’t wait to share with you all in time. I now know that Proverbs 19:21 which says “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” is so true. I urge you today that if you haven’t already, give up your plans to God. I am living proof that what God has for you is better than anything you could ever dream. If your dream only includes you, then you are dreaming too small. So I ask you to check your motive for why you want what you are desiring. Today you can start fresh. Repent with a sincere heart and rededicate your life to him. Once you do that I would suggest that you seek God and ask him to reveal your purpose to you. I can’t promise you that this new journey will be easy, but it will be worth it. God will complete what he has started in you. You will discover true love, peace, joy, worth, and fulfillment. Below is a prayer similar to the one I prayed two years ago that truly changed my life. Read it in your mind and then read it out loud as you see fit. Cheers to a new beginning!!!!


God I’m sorry. God I am sorry that I turned my back on you. I need you now. My heart is broken. I feel unfulfilled in every aspect of my life. Nothing in my life seems to be going right and now I realize why. God now I see that I have had this all wrong. The way I viewed you and the way I viewed life has been all wrong. God I know now that I won’t be truly happy unless you are in my life, unless you are the head of my life. God I am tired of doing things my way. From now on, I put my life back in your hands. I repent for all the wrongs that I have done. I repent for denying you. I repent for being angry at you. I repent for disobeying you. God I will never be mad at you again. God I give my life back to you. From now on I want to be in your perfect will. God I know that you have plans to prosper me and give me a hope and a future, not to harm me. God I trust you with my life. Not my will, but thine will be done. God direct my path and order my steps and I will go where you want me to go. I will do what you want me to do. I surrender all to you. God fill my voids. Renew my heart and mind. Make me a new creature through Jesus Christ. God take me deeper into relationship with you. God reveal to me my purpose and give me an eternal desire to fulfill it. God send the right people to help me on this journey. God bless me with joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. Give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as I go through life. God bless me to live a life with true fulfillment. God I love you! Thank you for opening my eyes. Bless me with continuous revelation. Bless me with patience as I go through this journey. Deliver me from any strongholds. Thank you in advance for the amazing life you have in store for me. In Jesus name I pray Amen.




Making the Most Out of Cubicle Living

Cubicle Living and Office Game strong

This is a blog post that I am very passionate about because this is me! Currently I work the typical 9 to 5 office type job, but I know that this is a temporary season. Still, while I am at my job I want to make the most of it. Before I could experience any real change I had to change my perspective. Some people may look down on office type jobs. I know my mom and brother had plenty of jokes about me and my dad. My mom is a teacher and my brother is a firefighter so they are constantly on their feet. My dad and I have office jobs and spend most of our work day in front of a computer. Once I changed my perspective I realized that cubicle living can work in my favor. So in this post I will give you my tips on making the most out of cubicle/office living.


Taking care of your spirit should always be #1. Analyzing the current state of my spirit was the first thing that I did. YouTube is my best friend! Over the last two years I discovered an amazing Christian community on YouTube that I never knew existed. Honestly a few years ago I was not interested in listening to messages outside of church on Sunday. In reality our spirit needs to be fed the word everyday. Watching sermons and inspirational videos really helped feed my spirit with positivity and truth (do so with discernment). Listening to those messages also helps the time go by faster. Those 20 min to an hour messages start to add up. When I hear an inspirational message it makes me want to work harder and do so joyfully. It’s like the high and peace you feel on Sunday morning but it’s everyday. Also listening to uplifting music keeps me feeling good. Taking breaks away from my desk to go for a walk uplifts my spirit as well. I have received numerous compliments from fellow associates observing how I am cheerfully working everyday no matter what. Trust me it is not because I am so in love with my work. The real secret is I constantly pour positive things in my spirit and what goes in must come out.


It is important to gain practical knowledge while you are working. Once again YouTube and Google can be your best friend. I like to pick a area that I am interested in or weak in and learn more about it. There are so many educational videos and documentaries on YouTube so you can listen while you work. I can listen to videos about debt, real estate, healthy eating, global warming, history, other countries, etc. I never want to stop learning. They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste, so I strive to constantly feed my mind with new and relevant information.


We all have been created for a specific purpose. We have our general purpose to spread the gospel and then the way in which God would like us to accomplish that. God may want us to fulfill our purpose through song, dance, art, sports, business, teaching, non-profits, science, the military, etc.  Walking in our purpose gives us true fulfillment. Your purpose should be on your mind all the time. You can’t afford to spend 8 or more hours a day working on someone else’s purpose or vision without thinking of yours. Doing that will cause you to be discontent, complain, and  harbor bitterness on your job. When you get an idea for your purpose/vision on your job write it down. If a brilliant song is suddenly dropped in your spirit leave your desk for a minute to record a voice memo. Do whatever you can to capture those bursts of innovation. Also watch videos of people who are already where you want to be. Watching those videos will help you with your craft and save you from a bunch of unnecessary mistakes. Before starting a blog I listened to videos on YouTube about starting a blog while at work. When I do the research for something at work that saves me time after work.

Wrap Up

So as you can see feeding your spirit, mind, and purpose can be very beneficial to you while in your cubicle/office season. Follow these tips with caution and discernment. While at work your work must come first. Make sure that you do your best and excel at your job. One thing that all of the tips have in common is listening. The key is listening while you work. Instead of listening to pointless things or talking on the phone with your friends, you listen to things that will advance your spirit, mind, and purpose all while working at the same time.


God thank you for my job. Lead and guide me everyday while I am at work. Bless me to come across the right videos that you want me to watch and the right songs that you want me to listen to. God bless me with more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. God help me to be content in this season. God help me to prepare to walk in my purpose. God I need you and I truly want you to direct my path. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.

100 Things To Be Grateful For

100 things to be grateful for
  1. I am grateful that I woke up in peace.
  2. Grateful that my country is not at war.
  3. Grateful that I can see without assistance.
  4. Grateful that I can breathe without assistance.
  5. Grateful that I can hear without assistance.
  6. Grateful that I am free.
  7. Grateful for air conditioning in my house.
  8. Grateful for heat in my house.
  9. Grateful that I can pray to God and worship him in peace.
  10. Grateful that I have a new song in my heart.
  11. Grateful that I can stand without assistance.
  12. Grateful that I can take a warm shower.
  13. Grateful that I can wash my face.
  14. Grateful that I can brush my teeth.
  15. Grateful that I can do number 1.
  16. Grateful that I can do number 2.
  17. Grateful that I have more than enough food.
  18. Grateful that I can exercise.
  19. Grateful that I have a job I enjoy.
  20. Grateful that I have more than enough clothes.
  21. Grateful that I have more than enough shoes.
  22. Grateful that my family is doing well.
  23. Grateful that my house has electricity.
  24. Grateful that I have parents who love me.
  25. Grateful that my dad likes to fix breakfast for the family.
  26. Grateful that I have a working car.
  27. Grateful for a peaceful neighborhood.
  28. Grateful that my family is financially stable.
  29. Grateful that I am healthy.
  30. Grateful that my parents raised me in church.
  31. Grateful that my parents are happily married.
  32. Grateful that I can go to church on Sunday.
  33. Grateful that I can sing in the choir.
  34. Grateful that I can dance.
  35. Grateful that I can sing.
  36. Grateful that I can write songs.
  37. Grateful that I can play the piano.
  38. Grateful that I can play the guitar.
  39. Grateful that I can play the clarinet.
  40. Grateful that I can go to Bible Study in peace.
  41. Grateful that I can show my love for God openly without persecution.
  42. Grateful that I have joy.
  43. Grateful that I know my worth.
  44. Grateful that I have a vision.
  45. Grateful for Jesus Christ.
  46. Grateful for the Holy Spirit.
  47. Grateful that somebody prayed for me.
  48. Grateful for a awesome childhood.
  49. Grateful for my skin.
  50. Grateful for my limbs.
  51. Grateful for a supportive family.
  52. Grateful for a large family.
  53. Grateful that I can listen to music.
  54. Grateful that I can see in color.
  55. Grateful that I can read.
  56. Grateful that I have books to read.
  57. Grateful for access to a great education.
  58. Grateful I get paid for my work.
  59. Grateful I have health hair growing from my scalp.
  60. Grateful I can paint in peace.
  61. Grateful I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.
  62. Grateful I can feel the rain on my skin.
  63. Grateful I can see a rainbow.
  64. Grateful I have strong healthy teeth.
  65. Grateful I have empathy.
  66. Grateful for conviction.
  67. Grateful God is my everything.
  68. Grateful I know God for myself.
  69. Grateful for all the good hearted people in the world.
  70. Grateful I can smile.
  71. Grateful I can cry tears of joy.
  72. Grateful for my alone time.
  73. Grateful for amazing sermons on YouTube.
  74. Grateful for hair tutorials on YouTube.
  75. Grateful for makeup tutorials on YouTube.
  76. Grateful for HGTV.
  77. Grateful for the Food Network.
  78. Grateful for piano tutorials on YouTube.
  79. Grateful for guitar tutorials on YouTube.
  80. Grateful for clean water to drink.
  81. Grateful I can go to a movie theater.
  82. Grateful I can travel across the country.
  83. Grateful I can travel across the world.
  84. Grateful I can play and teach children.
  85. Grateful for my height.
  86. Grateful that I know what love is.
  87. Grateful that I have experienced love.
  88. Grateful I can eat Breyers chocolate ice cream at night while watching TV.
  89. Grateful I have wisdom from God.
  90. Grateful I have discernment.
  91. Grateful that I am a new creature.
  92. Grateful that I am single and content.
  93. Grateful that I am not thirsty anymore lol.
  94. Grateful that I have extra money to give to charity.
  95. Grateful I have matured significantly since 3 years ago.
  96. Grateful that my family still has Sunday dinners.
  97. Grateful I am walking in my purpose.
  98. Grateful I can feel high without getting high.
  99. Grateful that I prayed the prayer for gratefulness.
  100. I am grateful for today and everyday that I live.