Making the Most Out of Cubicle Living

Cubicle Living and Office Game strong

This is a blog post that I am very passionate about because this is me! Currently I work the typical 9 to 5 office type job, but I know that this is a temporary season. Still, while I am at my job I want to make the most of it. Before I could experience any real change I had to change my perspective. Some people may look down on office type jobs. I know my mom and brother had plenty of jokes about me and my dad. My mom is a teacher and my brother is a firefighter so they are constantly on their feet. My dad and I have office jobs and spend most of our work day in front of a computer. Once I changed my perspective I realized that cubicle living can work in my favor. So in this post I will give you my tips on making the most out of cubicle/office living.


Taking care of your spirit should always be #1. Analyzing the current state of my spirit was the first thing that I did. YouTube is my best friend! Over the last two years I discovered an amazing Christian community on YouTube that I never knew existed. Honestly a few years ago I was not interested in listening to messages outside of church on Sunday. In reality our spirit needs to be fed the word everyday. Watching sermons and inspirational videos really helped feed my spirit with positivity and truth (do so with discernment). Listening to those messages also helps the time go by faster. Those 20 min to an hour messages start to add up. When I hear an inspirational message it makes me want to work harder and do so joyfully. It’s like the high and peace you feel on Sunday morning but it’s everyday. Also listening to uplifting music keeps me feeling good. Taking breaks away from my desk to go for a walk uplifts my spirit as well. I have received numerous compliments from fellow associates observing how I am cheerfully working everyday no matter what. Trust me it is not because I am so in love with my work. The real secret is I constantly pour positive things in my spirit and what goes in must come out.


It is important to gain practical knowledge while you are working. Once again YouTube and Google can be your best friend. I like to pick a area that I am interested in or weak in and learn more about it. There are so many educational videos and documentaries on YouTube so you can listen while you work. I can listen to videos about debt, real estate, healthy eating, global warming, history, other countries, etc. I never want to stop learning. They say the mind is a terrible thing to waste, so I strive to constantly feed my mind with new and relevant information.


We all have been created for a specific purpose. We have our general purpose to spread the gospel and then the way in which God would like us to accomplish that. God may want us to fulfill our purpose through song, dance, art, sports, business, teaching, non-profits, science, the military, etc.  Walking in our purpose gives us true fulfillment. Your purpose should be on your mind all the time. You can’t afford to spend 8 or more hours a day working on someone else’s purpose or vision without thinking of yours. Doing that will cause you to be discontent, complain, and  harbor bitterness on your job. When you get an idea for your purpose/vision on your job write it down. If a brilliant song is suddenly dropped in your spirit leave your desk for a minute to record a voice memo. Do whatever you can to capture those bursts of innovation. Also watch videos of people who are already where you want to be. Watching those videos will help you with your craft and save you from a bunch of unnecessary mistakes. Before starting a blog I listened to videos on YouTube about starting a blog while at work. When I do the research for something at work that saves me time after work.

Wrap Up

So as you can see feeding your spirit, mind, and purpose can be very beneficial to you while in your cubicle/office season. Follow these tips with caution and discernment. While at work your work must come first. Make sure that you do your best and excel at your job. One thing that all of the tips have in common is listening. The key is listening while you work. Instead of listening to pointless things or talking on the phone with your friends, you listen to things that will advance your spirit, mind, and purpose all while working at the same time.


God thank you for my job. Lead and guide me everyday while I am at work. Bless me to come across the right videos that you want me to watch and the right songs that you want me to listen to. God bless me with more wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. God help me to be content in this season. God help me to prepare to walk in my purpose. God I need you and I truly want you to direct my path. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.