Feeling Unfulfilled ?

Feeling Unfulfilled

The Message

Let’s talk about feeling unfulfilled. I’m sure many of us have experienced this or are going through it right now. Two years ago I felt unfulfilled. I had been out of college for over a year and was working at a entry level position in my field. When I first got that job I was so happy, but as time went by I started to get anxious. My dream was to work my way up the corporate ladder. In my mind I had goals for myself like how much money I should be making in a few years and how many promotions I should have. Needless to say, my plans did not work out.

During this time in my life I was also single. Back then I hated being single and like many women I thought something was wrong with me. So that caused me to put added pressure on myself. Then my breaking point came when my cousin was murdered on October 22, 2015. I’ll never forget that day or the immediate days that followed. The night before my cousin was shot I was mad at God because I didn’t get the internship that I wanted. I was in graduate school and I thought that internship would be perfect for me to advance my career. I did an online interview and wrote an essay. I prayed to God everyday for that internship and when I found out that I didn’t get it I was furious. That was the first and only time that I have ever been mad at God. So on the night that I was mad about the internship I did not pray to God. Normally I cover my family in my prayers every night, but that night I was too mad to pray. When I woke up I found out that my cousin was murdered that night and I blamed myself a little. I thought this can’t be a coincidence. So I went from being mad at God one night to running back to him the next.

Once I ran back to God, I realized how unfulfilled I really was. I remember it like it was yesterday. That night with no internship, a slain cousin, a job I hated, and no relationship; I humbly talked to God. I sat on the floor by my bed and repented to God for everything. I said to myself “I think I’ve had this all wrong“. I had a crazy feeling that once I made it to the top of my career that I still wouldn’t be happy. Once I got a boyfriend I still wouldn’t be happy. Not truly happy anyway. I realized the way I was going about life and my relationship with God was all wrong. I was not fulfilled in my life and I knew the only one who could help me was God. I thought to myself God has all the answers and I’m going to seek his presence because I am not happy with the way my life is going with my own choices. That night I prayed a powerful prayer that would forever change my life. In the midst of that prayer I gave up my life and gave up my plans so that I could gain the life God created for me.

Wrap Up: So after that prayer God gradually began to reveal my purpose to me. This is one of them. Sharing my testimony, uplifting people, and spreading wisdom gives me great joy. There is much more to my purpose that I can’t wait to share with you all in time. I now know that Proverbs 19:21 which says “Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails” is so true. I urge you today that if you haven’t already, give up your plans to God. I am living proof that what God has for you is better than anything you could ever dream. If your dream only includes you, then you are dreaming too small. So I ask you to check your motive for why you want what you are desiring. Today you can start fresh. Repent with a sincere heart and rededicate your life to him. Once you do that I would suggest that you seek God and ask him to reveal your purpose to you. I can’t promise you that this new journey will be easy, but it will be worth it. God will complete what he has started in you. You will discover true love, peace, joy, worth, and fulfillment. Below is a prayer similar to the one I prayed two years ago that truly changed my life. Read it in your mind and then read it out loud as you see fit. Cheers to a new beginning!!!!


God I’m sorry. God I am sorry that I turned my back on you. I need you now. My heart is broken. I feel unfulfilled in every aspect of my life. Nothing in my life seems to be going right and now I realize why. God now I see that I have had this all wrong. The way I viewed you and the way I viewed life has been all wrong. God I know now that I won’t be truly happy unless you are in my life, unless you are the head of my life. God I am tired of doing things my way. From now on, I put my life back in your hands. I repent for all the wrongs that I have done. I repent for denying you. I repent for being angry at you. I repent for disobeying you. God I will never be mad at you again. God I give my life back to you. From now on I want to be in your perfect will. God I know that you have plans to prosper me and give me a hope and a future, not to harm me. God I trust you with my life. Not my will, but thine will be done. God direct my path and order my steps and I will go where you want me to go. I will do what you want me to do. I surrender all to you. God fill my voids. Renew my heart and mind. Make me a new creature through Jesus Christ. God take me deeper into relationship with you. God reveal to me my purpose and give me an eternal desire to fulfill it. God send the right people to help me on this journey. God bless me with joy and peace that surpasses all understanding. Give me wisdom, knowledge, and understanding as I go through life. God bless me to live a life with true fulfillment. God I love you! Thank you for opening my eyes. Bless me with continuous revelation. Bless me with patience as I go through this journey. Deliver me from any strongholds. Thank you in advance for the amazing life you have in store for me. In Jesus name I pray Amen.




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