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December 2017

How To Have Character That Is Off The Chain!

How often do we think about our character? I know I have been evaluating mines a lot recently. Character can be defined as the inherent complex of attributes that determine a persons moral and ethical actions and reactions. Our character is a major part of who we are and it determines how we act and react in every situation. We have all heard of character flaws, but many people are not up for the challenge to change or do not see the full benefits of perfecting their character. As for me, I want to have amazing character. I want great character more than I want anything tangible. More than diamonds, red bottoms, or a beach house in Spain; I want my character to be off the chain! Below I will share with you why I care about character so much and I will provide tips for how you can improve yours as well.

Why Care About Character?

One of the things that made me care more about my character is a bible verse.

“Let no one despise your youth, but be an example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in spirit, in faith, in purity. Till I come, give attention to reading, to exhortation, to doctrine. Meditate on these things; give yourself entirely to them, that your progress may be evident to all. Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in doing this you will save both yourself and those who hear you”.  (1 Timothy 4:12-13, 15-16)

This is the first verse I read after rededicated my life back to God. It was the first verse that the Holy Spirit illuminated and gave me revelation about. I know the context of this scripture and that Paul was speaking to Timothy, but when I read it I felt like God was speaking directly to me. I was 23 and embarking in new territory. All I knew is that I wanted to go deeper. When I read this text I said to myself “I want that.” I want to be a good example in my words, conduct, love, spirit, faith, and purity. I knew that God was calling me to be a good example and above average in my character. God was actually calling me to have a character like His. I knew it would be a challenge because I had many character flaws, but I also knew that God would help me to become the best version of myself. From this verse I knew that improving my character would not only benefit me, but it would help every one I come in contact with.

Tips On How to Improve Your Character

  1. Have a Made Up Mind

Improving your character takes a conscientious effort. The only thing that is guaranteed is that we will grow older, however growing wiser and growing in character is not promised. We have to work at our character. Saying I’m sorry  a thousand times and living by the motto “I’m Not Perfect” is not going to help you improve your character. We know that no human is perfect so it would be nice for people to stop saying that and own up to their actions. You have to decide whether you want to change or not. That truly is the first step.

2. Make a List

Make a list of 5 areas you need to strengthen your character. You can write it down on paper, your phone notes, or do a mental list. You can also make a list of character traits that you like and want from observing other people. Maybe you see someone who is a social butterfly and you want to be more friendly. Maybe you observe a husband who lovingly visits his sick wife everyday and you want to be more patient and long-suffering. At my job there is a lady who is really forgiving like a cat lol. I say that because when I used to have a cat I would accidentally step on her tail sometimes and she would run off, then a few minutes later she would be back rubbing on my leg. Well when people do wrong by this lady at work she is quick to forgive them and a few minutes later she is laughing and mingling with them like nothing was ever wrong. By her being quick to forgive that keeps unwanted tension from our team. There are plenty of character traits out there to admire.

3. Pray Target Prayers

This step has worked for me a lot. Once I find an area where I am weak I pray about it until I change. One of the first areas I targeted was patience. I know a lot of us struggle with patience. For a while I was praying for more patience everyday and as tests were coming my way I was passing them. One time at work I was on the phone with a lady who had me on hold for a while and when she came back to me I was still friendly and calm. The rep was surprised at my patience. She said “Wow I need more patience but my grandpa said never pray for patience because a lot of tests will come your way.” Little did she know I had been praying that infamous prayer for patience and she was seeing the fruit of it. Don’t ever be afraid to pray for patience or any other areas where you need to improve. So what if you get tested; it is worth it to build your character.


As you grow in your character people will notice. In a world of corruption, good character can’t help but to stand out. I have been holding on to the part of the verse where it says ” that your progress may be evident to all.” That was great motivation for me. As you are in the process of improving your character and changing your life in general to become the best version of yourself, a lot of people won’t understand. Even the people closest to you will question you and say you’re acting brand new. Trust that as time goes on those same people are going to look at you in amazement because your growth will be evident and all they can say is “Wow your character is off the chain.”




My Last Day With You

My last day with you, it was a Sunday afternoon
On a beautiful day in May, I sat by your bed most of the day
A day when each second was so precious, there was a peace in the air
When it seemed like you couldn’t hear
I kept talking to you like I didn’t care
I sung and said hey a thousand times, determined to hear you speak again
After all I had to hear the last words of my dearest friend
You’ve been a great sister
You’ve been a good friend
You’ve been the best aunt since I was a kid
Your laugh contagious
Your smile so bright
Sometimes I still think of you at night
Even when I do I can’t complain
Because God has been so good to me
I have been blessed to know you and love you my entire life
I hope I can get your strawberry shortcake just right
As I look back I can’t help but say
Thank you God for giving me another day
Another day to sing and pray and say that I love you
I couldn’t have asked for a better day
My last day with you


This poem is dedicated to my Aunt Annette. She passed on Sunday May 28,2017. Even though she passed, I can truly say that was a magical day. She was in the hospital and God’s peace was there with us. She loved to hear me sing (especially my own songs). At first she wasn’t alert at all so I kept saying hey to her. Then all of a sudden she got a burst of energy and started talking to us. We had a mini church service in her hospital room with lots singing and prayer. Most of all I was soooo happy that she finally said “Hey Camille” to me. She also said “I love you too” after I told her I love her. I had been waiting all day to hear that lol. Then that evening she went back home to be with the Lord. I am so grateful we had such a beautiful last day!!!

Especially: Loving Those in the Household of Faith

This post has been on my heart for a while and I am soooo glad I am finally getting to it! One day while I was reading my bible I came across this verse that changed my perspective forever! The verse was Galatians 6:10 (NKJV), which says “Therefore, as we have the opportunity, let us do good to all, especially to those who are of  the household of faith”. Wow, mind blown! I feel like this is something that is missing in Christianity as a whole today. There is a lack of empathy and respect for each other. Christianity is the world’s largest religion with billions of followers. That means there are over a billion people in the household of faith. With those numbers you would think we would be close to world peace right? Well not really. Despite adversities from the world, we also face a lot of adversities in-house. Nevertheless, I had this crazy idea that what if everyone in the faith had an especially mindset? Can you imagine how great that would be? I know we cannot change anyone, but what if we took Michael Jackson’s lead and start changing ourselves? I just got this revelation a few months ago so this is new to me, but I really am trying to have an especially mindset from now on. So let’s dig more into this “especially” thing.

The beginning of the verse tells us to “do good to all”. The word all is used to refer to the whole quantity. A synonym for all is everyone. So it is great to be good to everyone, but then it takes it a step further. Especially means to single out or to a distinctly greater extent than is common. How often do we treat other people of the faith like they are common? Our feelings for them can be so indifferent at times. We can care less what happens to them as long as it is not us. But we are called to be especially good to one another. To single out each other in a good way.

When I think about “especially” I think about truck drivers. I know it may seem random, but hear me out. Truck drivers go through a lot of training and safety classes before they are allowed on the road with society. They are taught to be good to all drivers on the road, however they are especially nice to other truck drivers. They can relate to each other. They know the struggle is real for a truck driver, with people cutting you off and not willing to let you over. I’ve seen many instances of a truck driver signaling to another truck driver that he can hop in front of him since the other drivers are not acting right. This is the “especially mentality” that I am talking about. When we run into another Christian we should be friendly, respectful, and thoughtful. Like the truck drivers, we don’t have to know the person personally to be like “Hey we are from the same family”. We are both from the household of faith. Christianity is special because we do not have to wear a certain head piece or cross necklace at all times to show we are a Christian. Our faith is first cemented in our hearts. You may not know by first glance who is a believer and who isn’t. We come in all types of shapes, sizes, colors, and professions. We are in the NBA, NFL, and Hollywood. We are in schools, running business, and the fashion and music industry. We are all over the world. So since we cannot tell by first glance who’s in the household of faith, we should be good to everyone. But when you do learn that a person shares the same faith as you be especially good to them.

Like everything you have to exercise discernment because some people say they are Christian, but they aren’t really down for the cause. A especially mentality doesn’t mean you do “good things” mindlessly without consulting the Holy Spirit. There may be instances when you really want to help somebody one way, but God tells you he is working it out a different way. So don’t get it twisted, especially doesn’t mean giving people whatever they want or always telling them what they want to hear.  As I stated before especially in reference to how we should treat one another does mean being loving, friendly, caring, thoughtful, and respectful. Sometimes we are going to disagree with each other, but I still believe that we can be respectful regardless of our different opinions. Especially looks like guarding each others reputation and not entertaining rumors. Especially looks like not cursing at one another and not fighting each other over petty things. Especially looks like having a genuine concern for one another in our time of need and praying for one another often. Like I said earlier this “especially mentality” is relatively new to me and I am sure there are a lot of people who haven’t read this verse or had their heart changed yet. It does take a lot of dying to self to consistently walk in a “especially mindset”. I am working on being less selfish and more selfless. I know it can be hard when it seems you are the only one trying to be especially nice to others and the people you’re helping aren’t being especially good to you in return. As the bible states, it is easy to love those who love you back (Luke 6:32). The real test is how you treat people who aren’t nice to you. So meditate on this verse and let it change your heart and mind. Start having an “especially” attitude toward those in the household of faith today!

I Won A Husband

So you wanna get a husband, why don’t you follow my lead
It’s stiff competition, you gotta roll up your sleeves
No time to be shy when the man is the prize
You better do what it takes because men have roaming eyes
You gotta have their baby, if they cheat look the other way
Sure it’s not fair, but that’s the price you pay
To get a man to put a ring on your hand, that’s the modern way
Who cares about modesty
Morals are overrated
You quoting scriptures from the bible, but that old book is dated
I’ve told you my way and sometimes it doesn’t work
It’s worth a try because inside we all want a husband, no matter how much it hurts
So what if he cheats and his love for me is weak
I won a husband, and that’s good enough for me


I wrote this poem from the perspective of a woman who finally won a husband. Some women really do have this mentality. I see women fighting over men all the time on TV and even in real life. Sometimes as women we forget that we are the prize. Please don’t settle for just a husband when you can have the husband God has for you. 🙂