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January 2018

Finding the Good in Cancelled Plans

In life we all know that some things just aren’t gonna go as planned. When life throws you off track do you have a plan for how you are going to react? Do you have enough grace saved up for a stormy day? Well, in this blog I’m going to share with you two things I do to help me stay calm and positive while I find the good in cancelled plans.

  1. Assume The Best

I used to really struggle with cancelled plans because I had the wrong perspective. In the past if someone cancelled the plans they had with me it was like starting World War III. I just didn’t understand why plans would change especially if it was planned well ahead of time. Have you ever felt like someone just wasted your time after the plans that you all had was cancelled last minute? I know I’ve been angry with people over cancelled plans because I’m thinking “Hey I passed on plans with other people to make time for you and you just disrespected my time.”  Now instead of being mad at the person or the situation I see it as that plan just wasn’t meant to be. When you believe God is directing your steps then the blow of those cancelled plans becomes easier. Have you ever heard people say that you should thank God for the things that didn’t happen to you? Well now I assume that God is just looking out for me instead of assuming those people or world the is against me.  I start to think that maybe that trip, date, or even job position wasn’t as good as I thought it would be. Often I find that time will reveal that I dodged a bullet and then I’ll be grateful that those plans didn’t go my way. Having a perspective like this has helped me handle the cancelled plans in my life with grace.

2. Readjust and Keep Going

After you assume the best then it is time to readjust and keep going. When your plans get cancelled you have an unexpected empty space in your schedule. Maybe you want to go the relaxation route and pamper yourself with wine and a nice bubble bath. Some of you may want to take the productive route and use that time to get some work done ahead of schedule. Lastly, you can take the spontaneous route and call another person in your phone to ask them if they would like to go out with you to try something new. You can even do some exploring or see a nice movie by yourself. The goal is to accept the cancelled plans and get excited about the new options that you have with your time. So remember that cancelled or delayed plans are not always bad. When you change your perspective you can maintain your joy, peace, and cool too!

keep planning and smile

“When I give my days to God they are relaxing, productive, and spontaneous all at the same time.”   – Camille A Walker

Will There Be More Ideas?

Have you ever wanted to start something new but then wondered how you will maintain it? I know the feeling. The idea of starting a blog was intimidating at first. I had a few topics in mind, but I thought how will I be able to make content for years to come. Is there enough ideas in me to keep this going? This year what do you want to start or continue from last year that seems too big for you to maintain? Is it a blog, new business, non-profit, music, ministry, etc? Sometimes God will just give one major idea. I think of it like a staircase. I think of a huge building that has spiral staircases that seem to go on forever. The building is dark and only one step (the first step) is illuminated. Still you’re curious to see where this step will lead you so you are willing to step out on faith with that one idea. One vision. One dream. That is what faith is all about.

If you have one idea that is clear then I would say go after that. Tyler Perry once said that when he got started all he had was one play. Today we know him through his many plays, movies, TV shows, and books. Tyler Perry first had to take action on the only idea that he had. He said he worked hard on executing that one idea. He strongly believed that if he saw that idea through then everything else would come. Well, he was right and now the world is reaping the benefits of the many amazing ideas that have come from his brain. When I started adding poems to my blog I only had one poem that was written a year prior. I was hesitant to even start a poem category because I didn’t want only one lonely poem to be up. Do you know that as soon as I posted that first poem that God dropped three more in my spirit.

So take the first step. That one idea and one step of obedience will lead to more success and more ideas. Last year I started the year off running in too many directions. This year I have noticed that my vision is clearer and I’m focusing on two things instead of ten. So this year let’s go for quality instead of quantity. Focus on that one idea and see it through.

Sometimes I Feel Unworthy


Sometimes I feel unworthy to speak about you
I know it’s bad but it’s true
Today I had this thought of who am I
To speak and teach about a holy God
So I’m struggling
And I’ve had this inner conflict for a while
But now it’s paralyzing me so I have to speak out
Right now I’m froze and it’s time to come clean
Lately God I’ve been feeling unworthy
And it’s not just ministry it’s in everything I do
Feeling unworthy for the purpose I’ve been called to
Feeling unworthy and at times unqualified
As if the Lord of Lords is not on my side
God I know those thoughts of condemnation don’t come from you
So help me to see my purpose through
Give me boldness and confidence like I never knew
I am coming to you because things have gotten out of hand
And I need you to put me back on the right path
I am redeemed, Bought with a price
So help me to see myself right
As this beautiful masterpiece you love to see succeed
As a humble servant who is worthy
Worthy of a purpose that is bigger than my wildest dreams
A servant worth listening to because I truly have been changed
A child of yours that is so unique
That my testimony will change everyone I meet
A child who messes up sometimes, but seeks you when I am out of line
I am equip and prepared to fulfill my purpose
Through You I am worthy period!
Have you ever felt unworthy to accomplish a certain task? Have you ever felt unqualified for what you have been called to do? I know the feeling. If God has given you an unshakable vision and desire in your heart, then through him you have what it takes to bring that vision to life. When those negative thoughts come in our head that makes us doubt ourselves; we have to cast them down immediately. For me I had to be transparent in front of God and say out loud what I was struggling with so it wouldn’t be in the dark anymore. The truth is we are called to be great and I know you  will do many amazing things this year. So don’t get in your head too much and stop yourself before you even begin. Keep going! Have boldness and confidence! Always remember that you are more than worthy through Him!

Expecting Great Things In 2018!!!

Wow we are a few days in the New Year and I hope everyone is doing well! For many people the New Year brings a certain level of expectation. What are you expecting this year? Did you write it down? Did you create an overall theme for the year? I hope by now you are already expecting great things in 2018!!! I have learned from experience that in most cases you get what you expect. It’s amazing how when you expect great things that great blessings come to you like a magnet. Some call this the law of attraction, but either way there is something to be said about a person with special faith.

Last year I started the habit of having a greater level of expectancy than ever before. The picture above is my dry-erase board at work. I let this stay on my board the entire month of December and I wrote something similar in November. Initially when I wrote this one of my coworkers scoffed at me. It was as if she thought having faith for a great month was ridiculous. Then the coworker asked “Do you have any big plans this month? What are you expecting?” I told her “I don’t have anything major planned yet, however I am expecting a lot of great things to happen.” Never let someone cause you to lose your special faith because they don’t believe. Your expectancy for greater is not ridiculous. As humans, it is more normal for us to have hope than despair.

Recently I even tried out my faith on Amber Alerts. The last two times I received an Amber Alert on my phone I was at work and I stopped and prayed immediately. I prayed for the kids to come back home safely and quickly. Then I would continue working and after a few hours passed I would think of the Amber Alert again. Next I would go to Google and type in what I wanted to see. I remembered the details from the Amber Alert and I would search for missing kid returned home in Memphis, Knoxville, etc. Then each time to my astonishment a recent headline would read “Missing Child Returned Home Safely”! Hundreds of kids each year go missing so I don’t take it for granted when an Amber Alert turns out to have a happy ending. Do you have that kind of expectancy? Do you believe in the power of your prayers? Even more so do you fully trust and believe in the God who answers them?

At the beginning of this year I wrote down two lists. The first list is a list  of my goals for the year that I can do in my natural strength. Things that I have to put in the work to do. In order to accomplish these goals I will have to be disciplined, focused, and diligent. Then I have a list of things that I am believing for. These things will take some supernatural help. In order for these things to come to pass it will take God’s favor and intervention.  An example of this is starting a business. God is not going to manually fill out any paperwork for me or type out my business plan; I would have to do that myself. God can however, show favor on my business and cause it to have more commercial success than I could have ever imagined.  Sometimes all you can do is create a great product and promote it, after that you cannot determine how it is received. So think about the goals you have this year that you can do with some hard work and then think about the things that you are desiring that seem impossible without God. It’s good to have dreams that are seemingly impossible because then it will require you to expand your faith and lean on God even more. So this year live each month and day expecting great blessings to come your way!!!

The Two New Year’s Goals That Never Changed

Happy New Year!!!! I can’t believe it is 2018! There are so many wonderful things that happened for me in 2017 and one of the things I am most proud of is starting my blog. This time last year starting a website was not on my agenda. It was a pleasant surprise that manifested naturally on its own. At the beginning of each year I write down my goals and desires for the year ahead. Over the years my desires and goals have changed a lot, however I have noticed two goals that have remained the same for the last five years. The two goals of mines that have not changed is to get closer to God and have a lot of fun. Yes in that order. I am reminded of Matthew 6:33 which says “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.” I can truly testify that placing God in the center of my life has been the best decision I have ever made.

Get Closer to God

I still have my goals and resolutions from 2014 on a wrinkled sheet of paper and at the top was have a stronger relationship with God and Jesus. I am not sure what sparked my interest to want to know God more back then, but each year since I have made strengthening my relationship with God a priority. I started with baby steps like deciding to pray every night. Taking the steps to build your relationship with God is actually easier than you think. I would suggest starting with daily prayer. Prayer is so powerful and the more you pray to God the closer you will be with him. Also reading the bible for yourself will allow you to know and understand who God is better.

Have A Lot of Fun

Every New Year is a blank canvas and no matter what I want to have a lot of fun!!! Saying I want to have a lot of fun as a New Year goal is very broad, however I like it that way because I want to find the fun in everything. I want to have fun with my family, at work, on vacation, and even doing the mundane things that life requires. Every year will come with it’s own set of challenges, however as I get closer to God he gives me the joy and peace I need to have fun even in the hard times. So what are your New Year goals and resolutions? Have you included God in your plans? If you have never established a relationship with God then 2018 is a great time to start! This year I pray that you get closer to God and have a lot of fun along the way!