That Time I Quit My Job, Plus Tips

Have you ever wanted to quit your job? Do you feel frustrated going to a job that you absolutely hate? I know the feeling all too well. That was me two years ago. I quit my job by faith and it was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. The journey wasn’t easy, but it was worth it! I’ve been holding on to this testimony for a while and now I am so excited to share it with you. I will also be sharing tips for when you are in the transition phase. If you are going through a tough season at work or are unemployed right now then I want to encourage you that God is faithful and he will see you through.

When The Grace For The Job Is Up

I graduated from the University of Memphis and majored in Healthcare Administration. Two months after graduation I got a job offer working in a hospital that I just could not refuse. So I started working in the Patient Access department and things were going pretty well. The first few months felt like the honeymoon stage of a relationship.  I was really happy until I felt the seasons change and then I began to feel like a restless bird in a cage dying to break free. Thoughts of being discontent with where I was in my life started to consume me. I addressed this in a previous post titled Feeling Unfulfilled ? Originally I thought that job would be the place where I could stay and climb the corporate ladder, but some jobs are only meant for a season.

I quit my job on a sunny day in December 2015. I actually started to feel a tug in my spirit to quit at the one year mark in August. Every month the desire grew stronger and stronger. I am ambitious naturally and I knew I needed an opportunity to grow. As time went on it became clear that I wasn’t going be able to grow the way I wanted to there. I shared my desires to quit with my parents and they encouraged me to stay of course. They were thinking logically and my dad even helped me to draft a “Letter of Concern” to my boss around September so I could work things out and not have to leave. A lot of the associates I worked with were discontent just like me, but they complained to each other instead of talking to the people who can actually make a change. I know myself and I can only complain so long before I go to the source to try and do something about my frustration. A Letter of Concern is basically a polite warning letter to your boss stating that if certain things don’t change you will eventually leave. I wasn’t that blunt in the letter because it is supposed to be polite and professional. However, the message did come across clearly.  After I sent that letter I did have a meeting with my boss and supervisor about my concerns and some things did change. Still the uneasiness in my spirit remained even as the external factors changed.

Every day for 3 months it was an internal battle to stay. One time the disrespect from my lead was so bad that I literally walked away from my desk to go to the bathroom and pray. Every time I would go to the bathroom and pray God would calm me down and give me enough grace to make it through my shift. On Monday December 7, 2015 the grace to stay was gone. I went to work like normal. I worked in my assigned area and then they called me to help the Women’s Center out so I did. When I came back to my desk a relatively new PRN was in my seat. A PRN is someone they call as needed and they do not have any assigned desk because they are the nomads of the department. I was a PRN until I was promoted to full time. Since the girl was already working with a patient I just waited around the corner in an empty desk. She said she would move after she was done with that one patient. Then 5 patients later she was still at my desk. I was eager to start working in my own desk, which had all my belongings and was organized the way I liked it. I politely asked the girl to move twice and she caught a attitude and continued to stay at my desk. Honestly, I felt like going off on her so I went to the bathroom to pray. I asked God for the grace to stay and instead I received the grace to leave. In the moment that I decided to quit it was just me and God. I was no longer asking my parents or anyone else for their advice. I knew in that bathroom that God gave me a “Yes” and that was all I needed. So I went back to my desk and grabbed my purse and proceeded to walk to my car. It was around 11:00am and maybe they thought I was taking an early lunch. As I was walking I couldn’t believe that I was really going to do this. Then I finally got in my car and I took a deep breath. Knowing that this was a part of God’s plan gave me peace as I drove off the parking lot and left that chapter of my life behind. 

Unemployed for 3 months/ Results

When I quit my job that day I didn’t know how long I would be unemployed. If I knew all the details then it wouldn’t be called stepping out on faith. I ended up being unemployed for three months.  Thankfully I had some money in my savings. However, even if you don’t have money God will provide for you. During that season I spent my days praying to God, seeking his will for my life, listening to uplifting messages, applying for jobs, and improving my character. I was doing some intense self-reflection during those three months and I’m still reaping the benefits today.

In 2016 I brought in the new year with no job and an blank canvas for God to paint my year as colorfully as he wanted. I asked God to only let the job that he has for me to contact me. That February one company contacted me and I am still with that company today. While I was unemployed I made a list of what I wanted at my next job. I got everything I wanted and more. The only thing I wish I did differently was increase the amount of money I wanted to make. I would have aimed even higher. Still God really came through for me.

If I didn’t start off with a bad job then I wouldn’t be as grateful for the job I have now. Everyday I go to my job I am grateful. Now even when drama does arise at my job, I am so strong in my character that it doesn’t phase me. I listen to uplifting sermons at my desk. Whenever the weather is nice I go for a walk. I get to wear what I want. Most of all I’m glad I don’t have people looking over my shoulder micromanaging me. I can’t even imagine what my life would be like if I didn’t quit my job and take a leap of faith.

Another thing I love about my job is that I have space to think! I know it sounds crazy but I didn’t have that before. At my last job I dealt with patients face to face so I never had a moment alone. We didn’t get to go on breaks and we barely had time for a 30 min lunch. Now I don’t have to deal with customer service at all and I am so thankful. When I am at work I can write poems, songs, and every idea that God gives me. They give us steno notepads and mine is filled with sermon notes, uplifting quotes, songs, business tips, blog ideas, and so much more. Now I know for myself that God is faithful. I know for myself that God is a provider. I know for myself that God is a way maker.  You will never know what God is capable of doing in your life if you do not jump when He says jump and trust Him. 

Things To Do While You Are In-between Jobs:

  1. Pray and Seek God’s Will for Your Life

Doing this is what led me to quit my job in the first place. You need to know what God is saying to you in this season. Now is not the time to be lazy in your walk with God. When you are unemployed you have more time to pray, more time to read your bible, more time to listen to messages, and more time to spend with God. Make a list of what you want your next job to be like and bring that petition to the Lord. Be specific, write it down, and aim high.

2. Be Productive

Time is valuable and now that you have more time you need to be more productive. Start applying for new jobs. Update your resume. Work on your craft. If you want to work in the arts then practice singing, drawing, playing an instrument, etc. It wouldn’t hurt to clean your house either. Even use this time to get in shape and work out more.

3. Journal Your Days

God is going to be speaking into your spirit so much during this time and you need to document it. I wish I had journaled more during that time, which is why I am advising you to write down all of the dreams, visions, ideas, desires, and revelations that you have during this season.

4. Praise God in Advance

God is so faithful. If He called you into this season then He will see you through it. God is setting you up for an amazing testimony, but you can’t have a testimony without a test. Praise God in advance because the more you praise Him the better you’ll feel. Anyone can praise Him after they get the blessing, but if you know the blessing is yours then praise Him now. Thank Him now because it is already done.

5. Enjoy

This can be the hardest thing to do, but you need to enjoy this season. You need to enjoy every season. Don’t let worry consume you. I knew that I was going to get another job again, so I decided to enjoy my time off. Take advantage of being able to eat popcorn at 11:45 am in your pjs. Go to a peaceful place and read a book. Just relax and rest sometimes. I accepted my job in late February and I didn’t start til March 21. They said I could start whenever I wanted to that month so I pushed it back to the 21st because my birthday was March 8th and I wanted to enjoy myself a little bit longer. So please take some time to enjoy yourself during this transition phase. You will be working at your dream job or walking full time in your purpose sooner than you think!

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