Am I Really Making A Difference? YES You Are!!!!!

Hello! Welcome back to my blog!! I am happy to be posting again after a short break. Today I want to give a quick encouraging word. Have you ever asked yourself this question, Am I really making a difference?Even if you don’t say it out-loud sometimes you wonder if the work you are putting in is actually making a difference. Well I came to tell you that it is!!!

You never know who you are touching

Have you ever been deeply inspired and touched by someone and yet never told them? Most of us would say yes. Sometimes we admire people from afar and they have no idea how much they have impacted our life. There are certain artists, entrepreneurs, and even local everyday people in my life who bring me more joy and hope than they could ever know. What if there is someone out there in the world who is admiring you right now?! They see the moves you’re making and they are inspired by your faith. Sure they may like a post you make or comment every once in a while, but you don’t know the full extent of your influence on them. Trust and believe there are people watching you, who are silently rooting for you in their heart. You are making a difference! The world needs the gift inside of you.

Whenever God gives us a dream or vision to fulfill it is for a greater purpose than ourselves. As you are walking in your purpose and accomplishing your goals you should celebrate every success along the way. Celebrate that A on the test. Celebrate the first full time job after college. Celebrate the day you officially launched your first business. The enemy in our head likes to down play our success, but our success is something to be proud of. At this point in my life I am starting a lot of new things like music, blogging, and so much more. What new ventures are have you started recently? Do you wish you had more support? I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing and more support will come over time.

When I was working on my single “Mommy I Love You” I wasn’t sure how many people would like it or support it other than my parents. But thankfully the response was really good. I performed the song at church and I thought I was ok, but I wasn’t sure if anyone was really touched by the song. Then later that morning a lady told me that she “really needed to hear that.” Then other mothers felt like the song was written especially for them. So keep walking in your purpose and doing whatever it is that God places on your heart to do. One day when you least expect it someone will thank you and will say that they needed what was on the inside of you too. Stay strong and focus on the truth. The truth is you are making a difference and the world is thankful for it.