Like I Know You, But I Don’t

When we first met you said I looked familiar
I’d never seen you before but I thought you were peculiar
I hear you speak and you say what I think
An inner knowing went off inside of me
Just two strangers passing by unknowingly meant to be

A connection like this doesn’t happen often
Some people may think it’s strange
But I feel peace when I’m with you
I am no longer afraid

I love you when I shouldn’t
I mean it seems too soon
After all we’ve had just one good afternoon
And it was amazing too
Didn’t have to talk long to get the feeling that I already know you

I know the music you like
I know the movies you love
I know the deep parts of your soul
I know you’re kind
I know you’re fine
I know you are absolutely beautiful

Easy on the eyes and easy on my heart
I know that we were chosen to be set apart
Set apart for each other
Set apart for a purpose
I’ve waited for you all my life and you are completely worth it