Write Where You Are: Journaling With God

In the last blog I talked about all of us having a story. Well the best way to capture a story is to write it down. That is where journaling comes in. Becoming one who regularly journals has been one of the best things I could ever do. I see the fruit of it and the beauty in it. So below I listed a few of my favorite reasons to journal.

To Dream and Imagine

Never underestimate the power of simple paper and pen. It can lead to books being written, songs being made, or business blueprints being birthed. But it starts with writing it down. Journal the visions and dreams that God gives you.

Remember your journal is a place to be free. It’s a place to think outside of the box. I know some dreams are so big and different from what you do in everyday life that the people closest to you might discourage you if they knew. Seek God for wisdom on who to share with and when to share. Sometimes your dreams may need to be a secret for a while, but don’t you forget about them. Continue to journal the process of seeing them come true. All the work, blood, sweat, tears, and milestones. That’s something that you’re gonna want look back on.

To See Your Heart

When I journal I like to do it in silence. I think it’s best to journal with no distractions like TV or a cell phone because then you can hear your own thoughts clearer, and even the voice of God speaking to you. As I sit in a quiet room I get to evaluate what’s really going on in my heart whether good or bad.

Getting to the center of what’s going on in our hearts can be like peeling the many layers of an onion. Journaling helps every matter of the heart to come to the surface so you can see it. Every hope, disappointment, temptation, worry, doubt, appreciation, celebration, revelation, frustration, inspiration, and more your journal can hold. An added bonus to journaling is the more we self reflect the easier it becomes to empathize and show mercy to others.

To See God (In Your Life and Others)

Now probably my most favorite reason of all to journal is to see God in my life. I marvel at how amazing God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are. God is always there working in our lives, but when we don’t stop to think about it then we can easily forget or take things for granted.

When I make time to journal that is time I am intentionally stopping everything else to reflect on what God is doing in my life and the lives of others. It’s also a great time to read the Bible since all the distractions are off. I especially love to journal as the sun sets. I grab my journal, bible, pen, and highlighter. I also take my guitar or keyboard with me and just enjoy quiet time with God.

Over the years I’ve written down as many details as I can because I never want to forget how God has always been there for me. If you’re reading this and you’ve never journaled directly to God then I encourage you to do it sometimes. Write down your prayers, questions, gratefulness, etc. Write in every season through highs and lows. Because one day as you’re reading your old journals you’re gonna be glad you captured what you did. What you write today will one day encourage you and strengthen your faith in the future. This is the beauty of journaling with God!

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