Original Only: New things God wants to do through you

I think we live in a day where trends spread faster than ever before. We can search what is popular and do what is popular so we can become more popular. And most times it is for good reason that we desire our work to become more known. However chasing the waves of trends can be costly. A cost I know all too well.

Chasing trends can cost you your time, energy, and peace. It takes a lot to keep running in a race that you were never meant to be in. Even more so it takes humility to drop out of that race and try something new. Would you try something new if God told you to? Would you go about your dreams and goals a different way?

Lately I’ve been having this thought to embrace the original. Embrace the new things God want to do through you! Treasure and prioritize those new things above any trend that you can chase today. There’s a reason God gave you those new ideas and songs. Don’t neglect them. Just do it! Be faithful and creative. Be free and original.

Don’t let applause or popularity determine your success. God doesn’t determine success that way. Success is doing what God has called you to do and doing it with all your might. Doing your very best. So embrace the original while God handles the rest.

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