Work Today For Tomorrow: A Prudent Steward

While you’re working today are you considering tomorrow? Sure we are not promised tomorrow, but being prudent is something to be valued. Being mindful of how our choices today can affect our future tomorrow.

Lately I have found myself working after work. After my day job I work on creative projects that I am passionate about. One night after work I seemingly started and completed a project in one setting. But the truth is that’s not the case at all. Much like the process of building a house, I had to do some ground work.

That project wasn’t imagined, created, and completed in one day. It is the combination of work from days, weeks, months, and years past. And that night all that work proved to be useful and it came together oh so beautifully.

So today lay down some ground work no matter how small it may seem. Keep working like laying brick on top of brick. Then before you know it you would have completed your task or achieved your goal too. And you’ll see the work you put in today was well worth it.

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