Take It To The Lord In Prayer

Some things we have not because we ask not. When we have a Friend who’s there.

Take It To The Lord In Prayer -Nolan Williams Jr

When I first started my blog I always wanted to share the lessons I’m learning in life. Well taking life’s burdens to the Lord in prayer has been a most valuable lesson to me over the years. I have seen it make a difference in my life and the lives of others around me. In fact the song “Take It To The Lord In Prayer” is one of my favorite songs.

Even recently my job has gone through many changes in policies and leadership. As months went by I started to stress out about the future and became more and more discontent. I was feeling a lot and thinking a lot, but was holding it all in. Occasionally I would vent to family or friends, which only relieved me for the moment. Then one evening alone in my room I said what was on my mind and in my heart. Finally speaking everything I felt and worried about, I stopped talking to myself and acknowledged that God is there. I started praying to Him and that made all the difference.

After praying to God my soul felt lighter for one. I had a new perspective and the things that used to bother me didn’t bother me as much anymore. In fact my circumstances at work haven’t changed much, but I have. When the song says “some things you have not because you ask not” don’t limit it to tangible things only. In life our surroundings are not always gonna change because we want them to or pray for them to be better. Sometimes we have to endure and appreciate the intangible things that our Father in heaven give us. He gives freely if we would just ask. Intangible things that He gives and that the world can’t take away. Things like peace, joy, wisdom, and understanding. I don’t know what burdens you are carrying, but I suggest taking it to the Lord in prayer.

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