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As The Sun Sets

As the Sun sets I go to my secret place
To gaze out the window as I think about Your grace
My lips turn up and I shake my head
Because you’ve been um um good to me
Filled with such joy I begin to sing

Then I journal, oh I journal to capture this time with you
So I can always look back on our special afternoons
When it’s just me and You
The world seems so quiet
I must say I’ve grown accustomed to appreciating the silence

It is here that I focus
It is here that I reflect
It is here that I surrender
It is here that I confess

All my sins and burdens
Every care that’s on my mind
This is my safe place
Just me and my God

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Breakfast With You

Breakfast with you is sweeter than strawberry crepes
More filling that the most filling plate
Better than chicken n waffles on a Saturday
How I enjoy my time with you

As we start our days with laughter
Then go our separate ways after
There’s a pleasantness that lingers
Because I started the day with you

If It Wasn’t For Your Word

One night my soul was distressed
I was crying on the floor
Feeling so low I couldn’t form many words
All my soul could do was moan
But in the mist of my pain I found Your word comforting me
Scriptures of Your truth kept coming back to me
I know the verse that says I would have lost heart,
Unless I had believed that I would see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living
But honestly I would have lost heart if it wasn’t for Your word within me
The constant replaying of Your word wouldn’t let me believe a lie
It is the sword of the Spirit that helps me fight the battles inside
Sure I’ve had bad thoughts, but they never seem to stick around long
In times of trouble and sorrow I remember that the Lord is my strength and my song
So I’m thankful for Your word that is always there for me
It is a constant reminder of God’s love for me
It is my treasure
It is my delight
God Your Word Is The Center Of My Life

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Pray For The Girl

It’s when I’m safe alone in my room that I think of the girl whose freedom has been removed.
Who doesn’t get an off day,
Who can never call in sick,
Who has to paint a smile on her face to satisfy the men,
The men who use her and mean her no good.
Men who treat her worse than a dog in the hood.
As I watch a movie I think about her dreams.
What would she do if she could be free?
Would she dance on the rooftops?
Would she sing with the morning birds?
Would she paint a beautiful canvas,
Or go horseback ridding in the woods?
I don’t know where she is, but in my heart she’s close to me.
Sometimes I feel her pain and a burden comes over me.
I may never know her name,
I may never see her face,
But each night I will intercede that one day she will be free
Free to joke around and free to be herself.
Trust that miracles can happen when we pray for the girl.


Today I watched several documentaries on human trafficking. I saw the statistics and I heard the stories. I saw how this is an international problem that is affecting millions of women and children. I took my anger and turned it into art, but most of all I feel a greater responsibility to intercede for these women and children daily. Sometimes I get a pressing in my spirit to pray for a particular girl even though I don’t know her name or where she is. I don’t have to know all the details to be obedient. I just know that prayer is powerful and intercession does work.

I recently bought the book “Becoming A Prayer Warrior” by Elizabeth Alves. I haven’t even finished it yet and already it has been a great blessing to me. I love the way she breaks prayer down and it’s a easy read with lots of Bible references. I especially love the poem she referenced in the introduction titled, “I Traveled on My knees” adapted from a poem by Sandra Goodwin. The beginning of the poem goes like this:

“Last night I took a journey
To a land across the seas;
I did not go by boat or plane,
I traveled on my knees.”

That poem is a great illustration of how our prayers can literally go all around the world. In our quiet time with the Lord we can pray for the girls. We can also support organizations locally and internationally who are helping the survivors and leading investigations to get more girls freed. Let’s donate our time and some of our money even to help this cause. Also remember to be grateful for your freedom and don’t let the little petty things of life keep you down. When I think of issues like this it helps me put my problems into perspective and suddenly they’re not so bad after all. So please pray for the girls and even the boys who are caught up in human trafficking aka slavery.

A great organization to get involved with that is all for abolishing slavery is A21. Go to

Skip The Page

In my quiet time I was reading a book
I heard it was full of wisdom so I decided to take a look
I didn’t know where to start so I opened a random page
It was Psalm 139 that greeted me
As I read I felt the words come to life
That was a day that would forever change my life
As time went on I would read some more
Thirsty for knowledge I kept coming back for more
But one day I read something I didn’t mean to read
I saw something that didn’t agree with me
Torn between my views and the book I love so much
It’s calling for a lifestyle change that is hard to give up
So with this book on my lap I pause to think
Do I skip the page or change what I believe

Like I Know You, But I Don’t

When we first met you said I looked familiar
I’d never seen you before but I thought you were peculiar
I hear you speak and you say what I think
An inner knowing went off inside of me
Just two strangers passing by unknowingly meant to be

A connection like this doesn’t happen often
Some people may think it’s strange
But I feel peace when I’m with you
I am no longer afraid

I love you when I shouldn’t
I mean it seems too soon
After all we’ve had just one good afternoon
And it was amazing too
Didn’t have to talk long to get the feeling that I already know you

I know the music you like
I know the movies you love
I know the deep parts of your soul
I know you’re kind
I know you’re fine
I know you are absolutely beautiful

Easy on the eyes and easy on my heart
I know that we were chosen to be set apart
Set apart for each other
Set apart for a purpose
I’ve waited for you all my life and you are completely worth it

Joy and Peace

You may look at me from the surface and ask what can this girl offer me
Right now I’m not a millionaire but I do have joy and peace
Wealthy in things that can’t be bought
I have joy and peace when many do not
Knowing it hasn’t always been this way
I’m familiar with depression and had plenty of rainy days
Then one day I realized obtaining happiness is not enough
Trying to stay high on happiness was an addiction that I couldn’t keep up
I needed something stable so I prayed for joy and peace
Most of all I’m grateful because God actually gave it to me
Now my smiles are real and my laughs are sincere
My perspective has completely changed
Everyday I am living proof that there is power in His name
So thank you God for these fruits of the Spirit
They are so nice and sweet
I feel like dancing in the rain cause I have so much joy and peace
John 15:11
These things I have spoken to you, that My joy may remain in you, and that your joy may be full. 
John 14:27
Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid. 

Their Love Story

I see his love for her and it raises my standards
Sometimes she doesn’t make sense but he still understands her
She goes where he goes
Their support for one another is constant
They’re the answers to each other’s prayers
They see each other as a God sent
They strive to be selfless
Sometimes he cooks, Sometimes she cleans
At the end of the day it’s all for one thing
Love is an action so they put in the work
To do whatever it takes to make their marriage work
They consider each other while they’re in the store
And give all of themselves without seeing it as a chore
A love so beautiful that even they’re bad days are like purple rain
Sometimes he makes corny jokes but she laughs anyway
I see their love story and it makes me smile
That good smile from ear to ear
I don’t think even they know how much I hold their love story dear
So NO I’m not talking about what I think
Or a love story on the Gram
I’m speaking on what I know
The love between my mom and dad
About: This poem is dedicated to my mom and dad. They have been happily married for 20 plus years and counting. The love that they have for one another inspires me daily. I pray that one day I have a marriage so beautiful that my children and grandchildren will want to write a poem about it too. Shout out to all the beautiful married couples who are keeping love alive! Also shout out to the singles who desire a fun, healthy, loving marriage one day.

Sometimes I Feel Unworthy


Sometimes I feel unworthy to speak about you
I know it’s bad but it’s true
Today I had this thought of who am I
To speak and teach about a holy God
So I’m struggling
And I’ve had this inner conflict for a while
But now it’s paralyzing me so I have to speak out
Right now I’m froze and it’s time to come clean
Lately God I’ve been feeling unworthy
And it’s not just ministry it’s in everything I do
Feeling unworthy for the purpose I’ve been called to
Feeling unworthy and at times unqualified
As if the Lord of Lords is not on my side
God I know those thoughts of condemnation don’t come from you
So help me to see my purpose through
Give me boldness and confidence like I never knew
I am coming to you because things have gotten out of hand
And I need you to put me back on the right path
I am redeemed, Bought with a price
So help me to see myself right
As this beautiful masterpiece you love to see succeed
As a humble servant who is worthy
Worthy of a purpose that is bigger than my wildest dreams
A servant worth listening to because I truly have been changed
A child of yours that is so unique
That my testimony will change everyone I meet
A child who messes up sometimes, but seeks you when I am out of line
I am equip and prepared to fulfill my purpose
Through You I am worthy period!
Have you ever felt unworthy to accomplish a certain task? Have you ever felt unqualified for what you have been called to do? I know the feeling. If God has given you an unshakable vision and desire in your heart, then through him you have what it takes to bring that vision to life. When those negative thoughts come in our head that makes us doubt ourselves; we have to cast them down immediately. For me I had to be transparent in front of God and say out loud what I was struggling with so it wouldn’t be in the dark anymore. The truth is we are called to be great and I know you  will do many amazing things this year. So don’t get in your head too much and stop yourself before you even begin. Keep going! Have boldness and confidence! Always remember that you are more than worthy through Him!

My Last Day With You

My last day with you, it was a Sunday afternoon
On a beautiful day in May, I sat by your bed most of the day
A day when each second was so precious, there was a peace in the air
When it seemed like you couldn’t hear
I kept talking to you like I didn’t care
I sung and said hey a thousand times, determined to hear you speak again
After all I had to hear the last words of my dearest friend
You’ve been a great sister
You’ve been a good friend
You’ve been the best aunt since I was a kid
Your laugh contagious
Your smile so bright
Sometimes I still think of you at night
Even when I do I can’t complain
Because God has been so good to me
I have been blessed to know you and love you my entire life
I hope I can get your strawberry shortcake just right
As I look back I can’t help but say
Thank you God for giving me another day
Another day to sing and pray and say that I love you
I couldn’t have asked for a better day
My last day with you


This poem is dedicated to my Aunt Annette. She passed on Sunday May 28,2017. Even though she passed, I can truly say that was a magical day. She was in the hospital and God’s peace was there with us. She loved to hear me sing (especially my own songs). At first she wasn’t alert at all so I kept saying hey to her. Then all of a sudden she got a burst of energy and started talking to us. We had a mini church service in her hospital room with lots singing and prayer. Most of all I was soooo happy that she finally said “Hey Camille” to me. She also said “I love you too” after I told her I love her. I had been waiting all day to hear that lol. Then that evening she went back home to be with the Lord. I am so grateful we had such a beautiful last day!!!