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What Really Matters: A Moment of Reflection

Here we are in this beautiful Spring season of 2020. The birds are chirping, the sun shines longer, and the flowers are blooming. Yet one day while praying in my closet I looked up at my recent additions and sighed. I saw the summer jumpsuits, floral spring tops, and light green shorts. I had plans to wear them to concerts, weddings, and fairs. But with the coronavirus pandemic impacting our world, the clothes and my plans didn’t matter as much.

I was reminded of how fragile we are and how temporary everything on earth really is. I started praising God that my hope and joy was anchored in more than earthly things that can perish.

This is highlighted from my very first blog “100 Things To Be Grateful For”. In times like these it’s good to revisit the many things to be grateful for. I looked at my list today and found mostly everything still applies. Some things will change due to circumstances, but the things of God are eternal. I encourage you too to reflect on what really matters and write things to be grateful for. Always keep some intangible things in mind that can’t be taken away. Like joy, peace, faith, and a song in your heart.

Link to first blog “100 Things To Be Grateful For”:

100 Things To Be Grateful For

100 things to be grateful for

  1. I am grateful that I woke up in peace.
  2. Grateful that my country is not at war.
  3. Grateful that I can see without assistance.
  4. Grateful that I can breathe without assistance.
  5. Grateful that I can hear without assistance.
  6. Grateful that I am free.
  7. Grateful for air conditioning in my house.
  8. Grateful for heat in my house.
  9. Grateful that I can pray to God and worship him in peace.
  10. Grateful that I have a new song in my heart.
  11. Grateful that I can stand without assistance.
  12. Grateful that I can take a warm shower.
  13. Grateful that I can wash my face.
  14. Grateful that I can brush my teeth.
  15. Grateful that I can do number 1.
  16. Grateful that I can do number 2.
  17. Grateful that I have more than enough food.
  18. Grateful that I can exercise.
  19. Grateful that I have a job I enjoy.
  20. Grateful that I have more than enough clothes.
  21. Grateful that I have more than enough shoes.
  22. Grateful that my family is doing well.
  23. Grateful that my house has electricity.
  24. Grateful that I have parents who love me.
  25. Grateful that my dad likes to fix breakfast for the family.
  26. Grateful that I have a working car.
  27. Grateful for a peaceful neighborhood.
  28. Grateful that my family is financially stable.
  29. Grateful that I am healthy.
  30. Grateful that my parents raised me in church.
  31. Grateful that my parents are happily married.
  32. Grateful that I can go to church on Sunday.
  33. Grateful that I can sing in the choir.
  34. Grateful that I can dance.
  35. Grateful that I can sing.
  36. Grateful that I can write songs.
  37. Grateful that I can play the piano.
  38. Grateful that I can play the guitar.
  39. Grateful that I can play the clarinet.
  40. Grateful that I can go to Bible Study in peace.
  41. Grateful that I can show my love for God openly without persecution.
  42. Grateful that I have joy.
  43. Grateful that I know my worth.
  44. Grateful that I have a vision.
  45. Grateful for Jesus Christ.
  46. Grateful for the Holy Spirit.
  47. Grateful that somebody prayed for me.
  48. Grateful for a awesome childhood.
  49. Grateful for my skin.
  50. Grateful for my limbs.
  51. Grateful for a supportive family.
  52. Grateful for a large family.
  53. Grateful that I can listen to music.
  54. Grateful that I can see in color.
  55. Grateful that I can read.
  56. Grateful that I have books to read.
  57. Grateful for access to a great education.
  58. Grateful I get paid for my work.
  59. Grateful I have health hair growing from my scalp.
  60. Grateful I can paint in peace.
  61. Grateful I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin.
  62. Grateful I can feel the rain on my skin.
  63. Grateful I can see a rainbow.
  64. Grateful I have strong healthy teeth.
  65. Grateful I have empathy.
  66. Grateful for conviction.
  67. Grateful God is my everything.
  68. Grateful I know God for myself.
  69. Grateful for all the good hearted people in the world.
  70. Grateful I can smile.
  71. Grateful I can cry tears of joy.
  72. Grateful for my alone time.
  73. Grateful for amazing sermons on YouTube.
  74. Grateful for hair tutorials on YouTube.
  75. Grateful for makeup tutorials on YouTube.
  76. Grateful for HGTV.
  77. Grateful for the Food Network.
  78. Grateful for piano tutorials on YouTube.
  79. Grateful for guitar tutorials on YouTube.
  80. Grateful for clean water to drink.
  81. Grateful I can go to a movie theater.
  82. Grateful I can travel across the country.
  83. Grateful I can travel across the world.
  84. Grateful I can play and teach children.
  85. Grateful for my height.
  86. Grateful that I know what love is.
  87. Grateful that I have experienced love.
  88. Grateful I can eat Breyers chocolate ice cream at night while watching TV.
  89. Grateful I have wisdom from God.
  90. Grateful I have discernment.
  91. Grateful that I am a new creature.
  92. Grateful that I am single and content.
  93. Grateful that I am not thirsty anymore lol.
  94. Grateful that I have extra money to give to charity.
  95. Grateful I have matured significantly since 3 years ago.
  96. Grateful that my family still has Sunday dinners.
  97. Grateful I am walking in my purpose.
  98. Grateful I can feel high without getting high.
  99. Grateful that I prayed the prayer for gratefulness.
  100. I am grateful for today and everyday that I live.